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Why You Must Vote for President Obama if You Care About Democracy in the United States

The Reason: The Voter Suppression in Pennsylvania. First, click this link (it's a bit slow loading and you have to scroll down to see the video) and watch John Stewart report on Pennsylvania and Ohio. The Pennsylvania State House Majority Leader even says the real purpose of the law was to help Mitt Romney

Now, there's nothing wrong with making better voter ID laws, but the problem here is that the state should at least give a reasonable amount of time for people to learn about the law and get the proper ID. Two years would be reasonable.

Even if the law is thrown out by the time you read this, I think you should be upset that any elected officials in this country have tried this kind of tactic to win an election. If you're as upset about this as I am, please vote for Obama. Also, you can contribute to the campaign here.