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Discussion of the Santa Fe Pictures

This page contains explanations of some of the pictures in each collection. I didn't comment on all the pictures. The pictures are referenced by row and position in the row (column, sort of) like this: R1 P3 would refer to the third picture from the left in the first row. Also, the links will open the pictures in a new Web page, so that you can view the pictures and comments at the same time.

: R1P1 - a view from our climb up Puye Cliffs. R1P2 - Cliff dwellings in Bandelier. R1P3 - Janice at the entrance of the slot canyon trail at the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument. R1P4 and P5 also from the Tent Rowck. R1P6 & P7 on the road near Abiquiu.

R2P1 - outskirts of Taos. R2P2 - Rio Grande Gorge outside of Taos. R2P5 - We took a guided tour to Taos. The guide stopped near his house. These mules were nearby.

R3P1 and P2 - Scenes from the Taos Peublo. R3P3 - Houses built in the desert near Taos. The houses are called Earthships. They are not connected to any water or electrical services. They're also made out of strange stuff. These are just outside of Taos. R3P4 - a hotel in Santa Fe. R3P5 - An underground Kiva at the top of Puye Cliff. R3P6 - Several of the bridges and retaining walls near Santa Fe are painted by native Americans.

R4P1 - A bench in Taos. R4P2 - a very cute Corgi puppy we saw in Taos. R4P3 - Check out the headgear on the guy! R4P4 - They do archeological excavations at the Ghost Ranch. R4P5 - also at Ghost Ranch.

R5P1 to P4 - around Santa Fe. Governor's Palace is a museum, but they allow native merchants to sell their crafts along the street. The ducks is actualy a bench. R5P5 to P6 - From Taos. The lady who made the cat picture had lots of different anti-Republican paintings. I have her email address if you're interested in finding out what else she has. She will ship her paintings.

R6P1 to P4 - From the church shown in P4. R6 last 4 pictures - from Chimayo, on the way to Taos. Some kind of miracle was supposed to have occurred at one of the churches there. A cross was supposed to have disappeared and then reappeared in the ground. People think the dirst where the cross reappeared is holy. People go into a little room and take home small amounts of the dirt.

R7 - all of the pictures taken in this row are from Buffalo Thunder Casino a few miles north of Santa Fe. The Red Sage is a restaurant. P1 is on the ceiling.

R8 - Jewelry and handicrafts that we bought, either for ourselves or as gifts. P6 is a Zuni fetish. The Duck stands for people who have passed on. P7 is a whistle.